Area Rug Cleaning

Mr. Steam Clean has over 10 years of experience in safely cleaning area rugs of many different materials, designs, and styles. We clean, deodorize, and protect synthetic and most natural fiber area rugs, including wool and oriental. Mr. Steam Clean can also apply a protectant, a deodorizer, and a pet treatment to help keep your area rugs clean, and leave them feeling soft! Pricing is based on size, material, and style.

Most area rugs can be cleaned at your home or business and hung to dry. On some occasions, Mr. Steam Clean will pick up, clean, and re-deliver your area rug looking and smelling fresh.

Why Steam Clean Your Area Rugs:

Area rugs tend to catch a lot of food, dirt, dust, oils, and even pollutants and pet waste. Steam cleaning your area rugs is important because it effectively deep cleans and sanitizes the fibers of the rug. Over time, dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate in the fibers of the rug, which can make it look dull and dirty.

Additionally, bacteria and other microorganisms can thrive in the fibers, which can be a health hazard, particularly for people with allergies or respiratory issues. Steam cleaning uses high temperature water vapor to penetrate deep into the fibers of the rug, loosening and removing dirt, dust, and other debris, as well as killing bacteria and other microorganisms. Steam cleaning will leave your rug looking and smelling fresh and clean, while also improving the indoor air quality of your home!

Area Rug Cleaning Process

Step #1: Mr.Steam Clean will go over your area rugs with you and identify any specific issues or problem areas, as well as determining the right surface for it to dry after cleaning.
Step #2: We will pre-vacuum the area rug to prepare it for steam cleaning.
Step #3: We pretreat the rug using a safe product and pay special attention to any pet spots and problem areas. We allow the product to dwell, so it can help deep clean the rug.
Step #4: Next, we agitate the surface to work in the pre-treater and help suspend soil, dander, and hair.
Step #5: We then begin the extraction/rinse process, using hot water extraction, known as steam cleaning. This helps clean the rug and neutralize the pre-spray, so the rug is not attracting dirt and soiling.
Step #6: A fiber protectant and/or deodorizer is added and is brushed in while grooming the rug.
Step #7: At the very end, we will discuss the cleaning with you, go over any issues we encountered, and ensure that you are happy with the service we provided!

“The nice thing about steam cleaning is that the floor is dry within minutes and can have traffic on it almost immediately!”