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Additional Options

Protect your Carpet

Mr. Steam Clean can also protect your carpet using a Scotchgard-like product that can be applied after cleaning your carpet, to help protect it against future spots and stains. It also makes cleaning and vacuuming easier and more productive, and gives you more time to blot up spills and accidents. Our protectant helps protect fibers from wear and we also offer the option of deodorizing your space to help with your freshness needs.

Pet Enzyme Treatment

We use an enzyme-based cleaning solution that encapsulates odors and completely breaks down organic material like urine, feces, vomit, and blood, so it can be removed with our deep cleaning process.

Our pet treatment process is not just a cover-up – it will leave your carpet, area, rugs and upholstery looking and smelling fresh! Our enzyme treatment also works with odors in, tile & grout, and natural stone floors.

Carpet Cleaning
(starting at $119)

Steam cleaning is a great way to keep your carpets clean and healthy, especially if you have allergies, respiratory issues, young children, or pets in your home. We clean all types of carpet, including synthetic and wool.


Why Steam Clean Your Carpet

There are a number of reasons that it’s important to regularly clean your carpets, but here are a few of the top reasons:

1. Allergies: Carpets can harbor allergens like dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores, which can trigger allergic reactions. Steam cleaning can remove these allergens and create a healthier indoor environment.
2. Respiratory Issues: Dirty carpets can also contribute to respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis, especially in children and elderly people. Steam cleaning can help remove pollutants and improve air quality.
3. Bacteria and Germs: Carpets can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, especially in high traffic areas. Steam cleaning can kill germs and bacteria, reducing the risk of illness and infection.
4. Odors: Over time, carpets can develop unpleasant odors from spills, pets, and other sources. Steam cleaning can effectively remove these odors, leaving your carpet smelling fresh and clean.

*Did you know that some carpet manufacturers issue a warranty that states that the carpet must be steam cleaned every 12-18 months? Be sure to check your carpet warranty for details!

carpet cleaning
Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: We schedule a pre-inspection to see the space, soil level, and to go over any problem areas with you.
Step 2: If needed, we will pre-vacuum the space as needed before starting the steam cleaning process.
Step 3: We will pre-treat your carpet and problem areas.
Step 4: We’ll then agitate your carpet using an electric counter rotating brush to help the pre-treater clean and help suspend soil, dander, and hair. This helps lift up the carpet pile and makes a big difference.
Step 5: We begin the extracting process using hot water extraction, known as steam cleaning. This helps clean/rinse the carpet and neutralizes the pre-spray, so the carpet is not attracting dirt and soiling.
Step 6: A carpet protectant and/or deodorizer is added and is brushed in while grooming the carpet.
Step 7: The last cleaning step is grooming the carpet with a carpet rake- to aid in the carpet drying process. This helps to lift up the carpet pile and remove footprints and lines from the carpet.
Step 8: At the very end, we will discuss the cleaning with you, go over any issues we encountered, and ensure that you are happy with the service we provided!

“With Mr. Steam Clean’s process, your carpet is dry within hours and dries soft and fresh!”