clean counter tops clean and seal

Countertop Clean, Seal & Polish

We service stone surfaces for countertops, including granite, marble, and quartz (ex: Cambria). If you’re looking for repairs to your natural stone, Mr. Steam Clean can repair chipping, etching, and staining on marble and natural stone.

Why Steam Clean your Countertops:
Natural stone is very porous and hard to clean. Traditional cleaning just moves dirt and soil around, allowing bacteria to grow. Mr. Steam Clean uses the power of hot water extraction to safely clean your natural stone surfaces. We also polish and seal your countertops to help them stay protected and looking pristine!

Natural Stone Countertop Cleaning Process

Step 1: We begin with a customer walk-through, so we can get a feel for your natural stone cleaning needs.
Step 2: Mr. Steam Clean uses an effective lift and extract steam cleaning method of cleaning to remove contaminants and soil from your countertops. We even remove hard water deposits that build up around your sink and fixtures.
Step 3: After cleaning, we apply a crystallizer with a buffer to polish and shine your countertops.
Step 4: We then apply a premium impregnating sealer to protect your countertop stone surface. Sealant helps protect against staining, discoloration, chipping, and scratching. This sealant is safe for kitchen and food prep surfaces.
Step 5: At the very end, we discuss the cleaning with you, go over any issues we encountered, and ensure that you are happy with the service we provided!

“The nice thing about steam cleaning is that the floor is dry within minutes and can have traffic on it almost immediately!”