Tile & Grout Cleaning (starting at $119)

Mr. Steam Clean cleans porcelain tile, ceramic tile, brick, and glass tiles on floors, walls, ceilings, showers, tubs, and even countertops and backsplashes. We can also remove and replace your caulking and silicone in your shower, bath, and kitchen. Over time, caulking and silicone breaks down, causing it to look discolored and loose, or missing, so if your tile or grout needs a little touch up, we can help!

Why Steam Clean Your Tile/Grout:
Tile and grout is very difficult to clean. Mopping just spreads dirt, allergens, and bacteria around, creating buildup and discoloration on porous grout lines and tile. Mr. Steam clean uses a very effective lift and extract method of cleaning, paired with hot water and a safe cleaning solution, to safely and effectively clean and restore your tile and grout, without leaving any residue. We finalize the job by applying a penetrating sealer to protect against mildew and staining for years to come.

Our Tile/Grout Cleaning Process

Step 1: We start the tile and grout cleaning process with a customer walk-through to identify areas and issues that need to be cleaned.
Step 2: We use a professional strength tile and grout cleaner to release ground-in dirt and contaminants that are trapped in your porous grout lines. We then allow the cleaner to dwell on the surface to get the best results.
Step 3: We agitate and scrub all the tile and grout lines.
Step 4: Next, we use hot high pressure water paired with a cleaning tool that lifts and extracts contaminants and buildup from your tile and porous grout.
Step 5: We dry the surface and prepare it for sealant. We use a clear sealant that penetrates into your grout lines to help protect them from staining and spills. This helps protect your tile and keeps it looking cleaner for longer.
Step 6: A deodorizer option can be utilized at this point.
Step 7: At the very end, we will discuss the cleaning with you, go over any issues we encountered, and ensure that you are happy with the service we provided!

“Tile and grout are dry within a few short hours!”